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The Vintage Collection

Miao Vintage Embroidery Panels

2 panels ~ Butterflies, Birds & Flora



Date unknown. Originally, these beautifully embroidered panels would have been a part of highly decorative ceremonial dress or coat.

Hand embroidered and stitched. Silk on silk. Black cotton backing. Satin stitch.

These panels portray an abundance of birds, insects, such as the Butterfly Mother, as well as an array of beautiful flowers, representing wealth and vitality. The design is created as a mirror image with slight variations. Faults and variations are a deliberate part of Miao embroidery to display modesty and show that there is always room for improvement with the next generation.

Dimensions: 14cm wide x 67.5cm high (each panel)

Purchase Miao Vintage Embroidery Panels $180.00