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6 Tier 1a-Black ground

Traditional Treasures

West Papua Ornamental Necklace

6 Tier Coral & Cowrie Shells



Jewellery in the Pacific Islands has traditionally been worn during tribal festivals and ceremonial events to display wealth, communicate social status, serve as physical and symbolic protection and of course, to ensure the wearer looked their best!

This exquisite ornamental tribal necklace was handmade in West Papua, using all natural materials – 6 tier graduated coral drop; split and whole cowrie shells and small wooden beads. Secured with natural fibre twine on a bamboo/wicker frame.

Black metal stand included. Can also be wall mounted.

Dimensions (with stand): 48cm high x 25cm wide

Dimensions (without stand): 37cm high x 25cm wide


Purchase West Papua Ornamental Necklace $345.00